Yosemite National Park Bobcat

Below you will find two sweet videos featuring a golden mantled ground squirrel and a bobcat. Both filmed in Yosemite National Park. The picture above isn't from Yosemite, it's from the John Muir Trail near Mount Whitney. Anyway, the bobcat situation happened right next to Camp 4.  


DIY Ultralight Backpacking Tarp and Net Tent

Tarps are lighter, drier and often warmer. Not only that, but you can actually see the world around you, even when you are holed up in a storm. I first heard about tarps from Ray Jardine's book "Beyond Backpacking". Since then, I have made three. I still use dome tents, but I only buy used ones. Right now I have the North Face Starlight 2.

Anyway, make a tarp and thrive. For somewhere around fifty bones you can have an ultralight bomb-proof three-season shelter.