San Diego Swap Meet - Bargain Fruit and Vegetables

Summary: San Diego Swap Meet (Koby's) has cheap fruit and vegetables. I bought 9 mangos for 7 dollars...about 25 pounds of fruit and vegetables for less than 20 dollars. I found a couple of really good Thai and Vietnamese grocery stores and bought ingredients for vegetarian pho (see pho-tos) and spring rolls.

"The China Study" just showed up in the mail today and I may do a summay of it during the next week or two. I was working as a homeschool teacher and found out about the book from a parent. It changed the way I eat for good. Overall, I have been trying to stick to the 80-10-10 ratio of carbs/protein/fat. When I do, I feel great - I don't feel like I 'need' more protein. It is a lot of fruit to eat - considering that I don't eat refined flour, cooked grains or potatoes that much. In fact, I think the extra carbs make me feel more relaxed and positive. Kind of hyped up and ready for action.

In case you just showed up: I have been taking pictures of everything I have been eating for seven days. The last couple of day I have been working on a new album and have been too busy to upload photos. Now that I'm finished You can listen to it here: I have time to upload my food journal again.