Mount Whitney Mountaineer's Route in July

The summit of Mt Whitney. 
Below is a short video that was shot in the Eastern Sierra last summer during an ascent of the Mountaineer's Route on Mount Whitney. I didn't get much footage of the summit, but managed to squeak some nice shots of the 3rd class gully above Iceberg Lake. 

To get to the Mountaineer's Route, park your rig at Whitney Portal and hike up the unmarked North Fork Lone Pine Creek Trail. There is one section that is a little bit tricky, so it helps to have a map and a description of the route. The Mountaineer's Route also makes a fine entry or exit to the John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail.

Mount Whitney Permit applications are accepted on line from February 1 until March 15: Click Here 

Pro-Tips for the Summertime Snowless Ascender: Don't smash anybody with a rock. Stay to the left of the main chute on your way up from Iceberg Lake. You will probably see cairns leading up directly below the East Buttress. You can pretty much stay on (or next to) the sweet slabs after that.