Fruit Based Diet Plan

To get started on a fruit based diet you'll need to to keep track of what you are eating - otherwise you will feel full and not get enough calories. Some fruit eaters eat upwards of 25 pounds of fruit per day! 

One month ago I decided to photograph my food for a couple of days. This was the direct result of re-reading the China Study and then watching a video of Tim Ferris speaking about one of his crazy human experiments. Tim Ferris said that taking pictures of food was more powerful than having a personal trainer. He was right in this case. 

Cataloging food made it easy to cut down fat and alcohol.....

The first thing I did was add more colorful veggies to make the photos look better. Then I used the pictures to log what I chomped on FitDay. People consider me to be a "healthy" dude, and when I saw the numbers from an average day I was pretty shocked. FitDay said that a big chunk of  my calories were from fat (up to 27%) and alcohol (a couple beers 12%). I had already cut down on protein thanks to the China Study - but didn't really get the big picture. 

I did a little research...youtube style... and came across Durian Rider, Doug Graham and other folks that set me straight on the raw foods tip. I read 80 10 10 and it made sense to me. Eat more fruit, eat less nuts.Within a week I went from half-ass healthy to full blown fruitarian...well, most of my calories come from fresh fruit - mango, watermelon, banana, dates... 

Beer is, like, 90-something percent water...

Fitday.com  has a category for alcohol into which beer and wine are placed. To me this doesn't make sense because only a small portion of a beer is actually alcohol. Either way it made me feel bad seeing “12% alcohol” on my graph so I haven't had a beer or glass of wine this week. I have two Sierra Nevada's sitting in the fridge. IPA's. Mmmm.

The Facts: 
Today, I ate 3,506 calories and my ratio was 80-7-13
Carbs 80% - minimum ; Protein 7% - good, Fat 13% - too high  

 I overshot the fat by eating a quarter-cup of almonds, half of an avocado and a quarter TBSP of olive oil.... really that is not very much fat for a whole day when compared to my usual “healthy” diet. Also, I ran out of ripe fruit and decided to "transition" with cooked brown rice and black beans. As I write this, I am eating a spinach salad with cucumber, sprouts and lime juice. 

Here is my almost 80 / 10 / 10 Menu for today (Click on it if it's too small to read)

Fruit Based Diet Insights of the Day:

1. Eat a  tiny bit of FAT to keep it 80 10 10. Specifically, around a half of an avocado's worth of fat per day.
2. My COFFEE consumption has dropped from the usual 4-6 16oz cups per day to only one. Fresh watermelon when I wake up has helped take my mind off the brew. Today, I drank this sugary sludge known as DATORADE when I woke up and forgot about coffee until around 2 pm.Datorade is crazy! Here's how you make some....
A half pound dates + 16 oz water ----(blend)----(wait)----(blend again)---> DATORADE
3. Even though I may crave other foods, as soon as I start eating fruit it tastes great and does the job. 
4. Making sure that I have enough greens (Doug Graham recommends a pound of leafy greens per day!) seems to keep the fat/salt/greasy-pizza cravings at bay. I am starting to see that taste is a matter of conditioning and that fruit is the best food for humans...at least this one. 
5. Make it easy to avoid meat by learning about the business.  I watched Earthlings last year and that did the trick.